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Orlando Walk-In Support Group

In response to the recent tragedy in Orlando, The Actors Fund is offering free support groups for all performing arts and entertainment professionals who may need a safe place to hold difficult discussions surrounding the recent attacks at Pulse Nightclub.

There is no need to sign-up or RSVP.

Our social workers are also available to speak with people individually.

New York
Tuesday, June 21 | 3:30 5:00 pm
Thursday, June 23 | 5:30 7:00 pm
The Actors Fund
729 7th Avenue, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10019
212.221.7300 ext. 119

Los Angeles
Monday, June 20 | 10:00 – 11:30 am
The Actors Fund
5757 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
323.933.9244 ext. 455

Friday, June 24 | 10 – 11:30 am
The Actors Fund – Burbank
2520 West. Olive Avenue, 3rd Floor
Burbank, CA 91505

Please call to speak with a counselor 312.372.0989



Dancers, please see Linda Hamilton's video

lecture about managing stress in dance







A number of members, including participants in young artist programs, have reported to us allegations of inappropriate sexual harassment of various types.

Discrimination is not only illegal but it’s also a violation of every AGMA collective bargaining agreement. Sexual abuse and harassment are atrocious, and taking advantage of artists who are afraid of the implied threat of retaliation is the most heinous sort of discrimination.

Although in the past 15 years we’ve received only three complaints about any such abuse, some anecdotal reports allege that conductors, coaches, choreographers and ballet masters, all of whom can effectively make hiring recommendations, comprise the most frequent category of abusers.

The most effective means of stopping harassment is to report it to your employer. Every AGMA signatory company has a policy prohibiting all manner of discrimination and is legally obligated to thoroughly investigate such complaints and take action to remedy discrimination.

In the real world, we’re aware that most performers, singers and dancers, whether they are new to the business or seasoned artists, are afraid that if they file a complaint they expose themselves to some form of direct or indirect retaliation. Unfortunately, it’s a valid fear. However, reporting abuse or harassment to your employer remains one of the ONLY two truly effective ways of dealing with sexual abuse or other illegal discrimination.

The other possible remedy exists because discrimination is also a violation of AGMA’s collective bargaining agreements and Standard Artist Agreements, and so it can also be pursued through the grievance and arbitration provision of our contracts and decided by an arbitrator. But, again, this requires an actual complaint to us so that we can file a grievance on your behalf, and as is the case when making a report to your employer, requires that you personally make the accusation.

A less effective alternative, but one requested of us by some members recently, is for AGMA to establish a confidential reporting system, pursuant to which members could confidentially report instances of sexual abuse, harassment or conduct that creates a hostile work environment without their identity becoming known to employers.

This is the manner in which the system will work: We’ve established a private
address to which Deborah Allton-Maher will have access. Any member may report any allegation of discrimination, abuse or harassment. Members MUST include their names, which we will not disclose to anyone. While some members may be troubled that such complaints are not wholly anonymous, we need to be certain that reports are made only by members. AGMA will keep each member’s name confidential to the fullest extent of the law.

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AGMA/Equity Reciprocal Audition Agreement
AGMA members, who have been members for
at least one calendar year, can attend
Equity auditions without joining Equity.
The cost to join Equity would be their
then current initiation fee less the
$500 initiation fee previously paid to AGMA.
AGMA has a standard letter that needs to be
presented to Equity upon joining. You can
obtain that letter by calling the Membership
Department at (212) 265-3687.

Additionally, current member of Actors’ Equity
may join AGMA as an affiliate union. In such
a case, only half the Initiation Fee and $78 for
annual Basic Dues are required ($328). In
addition, both AGMA and Equity members
in good standing are allowed to attend the
other union’s auditions without joining the
other union.

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Guest Artist Agreement Now in Place: 
Agreement Document

Notice about illegal videotaping

Code of Standards for Agents and Managers

Agent Problems?
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Interim National Executive Director
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