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2019 National Election – Candidates

The below AGMA members are candidates for National Officers and Board of Governors positions.  A mail ballot election will be held on May 17, 2019.  Candidates statements and photos will be included in the ballot packet.   Please note that you may also receive communications directly from candidates during the election process; these communications are solely the opinions of individual candidates and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of AGMA. For more information about the election please log in to MyAGMA and visit the 2019 National Election Home Page.

2019 Board of Governors Election - Candidates By Region

  • Candidates For National Office
    President Slate
    David Salsbery Fry A Voice for All (V4A)
    Raymond Menard
    1st Vice President Slate
    John W. Coleman
    2nd Vice President Slate
    Elizabeth Sciblo A Voice for All (V4A)
    Tim Smith
    3rd Vice President Slate
    Teresa Reichlen A Voice for All (V4A)
    George M. Scott, Jr.
    4th Vice President Slate
    Jane Shaulis
    Stephen Wadsworth A Voice for All (V4A)
    5th Vice President Slate
    Vito Pietanza
    Samuel Schultz A Voice for All (V4A)
    Treasurer Slate
    J Austin Bitner
    Recording Secretary Slate
    Louis Perry
  • 01 - New York Candidates
    Name Classification Slate
    Kim Araki Dancer
    Lianne Coble-Dispensa Chorister / Actor
    Osceola Davis Soloist
    David Frye Chorister / Actor
    Katharine Goeldner Soloist
    David Gonsier Dancer
    Karen Grahn Chorister
    Jonathan Green Soloist
    Greer B. Grimsley Soloist
    Oriada Islami Dancer
    Megan Marino Soloist A Voice for All (V4A)
    Linda Mays Chorister
    James Patrick Miller Soloist
    Belinda Oswald Soloist
    Jonathan Pessolano Dancer
    Maria Phegan Dancer
    Lori Phillips Soloist
    Charles Perry Sprawls Chorister
    Elizabeth Brooks Wentworth Chorister
  • 02 - Southern California Candidates
    Name Classification Slate
    Richard Bulda Dancer
    Earl Hazell Soloist
    Jonathan Moore Stage Manager
    Jennifer Wallace Chorister
  • 03 - Chicago-Midwest Candidates
    Name Classification Slate
    Michael Cavalieri Chorister
    Eric Ferring Soloist
    Joseph Shadday Chorister
    Heidi Spoor Chorister
    Peggy Stenger Stage Manager
    Joanna Wozniak Dancer
  • 04 - San Francisco Candidates
    Name Classification Slate
    C. Michael Belle Chorister
    Seth Brenzel Chorister
    Alexander McFarlin Dancer
    Tyler Rhoads Dancer
    Gabrielle Salvatto Dancer
  • 05 - New Orleans Candidates
    Name Classification Slate
    No Vacancies
  • 06 - Philadelphia Candidates
    Name Classification Slate
    Mark Malachesky Chorister
  • 07 - Washington-Baltimore Candidates
    Name Classification Slate
    Keith Craig Soloist
    Enrique Estrada Chorister
    Michael Testa Soloist
    Abigail Wright Chorister A Voice for All (V4A)
  • 08 - Pittsburgh Candidates
    Name Classification Slate
    David Scoville Chorister
  • 09 - New England Candidates
    Name Classification Slate
    Andres Garcia Dancer
  • 10 - Texas-Oklahoma Candidates
    Name Classification Slate
    Lela Bell Wesley Dancer
    Matthew Woodbury Chorister
  • 11 - Northwest Candidates
    Name Classification Slate
    Zachary Finkelstein Soloist
    Kathryn Van Meter Choreographer