Public Statement from the Dancers of Dallas Black Dance Theatre: Can You Hear Us Now, Leadership?

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Sent on Behalf of the Dancers of Dallas Black Dance Theatre Dear friends and supporters in Dallas and beyond, We, the dedicated dancers of Dallas Black Dance Theatre (DBDT), voted unanimously on May 29 to form a union with the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA). Since that day, DBDT’s leadership has made several unusual and aggressive decisions. Why? It would seem for no other purpose than to punish us for our decision to have a real voice in our working lives. We’ve attempted to communicate with leadership and have been met with silence. We now exercise our collective right to talk about our situation publicly, with the hope that DBDT leadership will hear us and work with us on a path forward. So, let’s get in... Read More -->

AGMA Urges Members to Advocate for NEA and NEH Funding Protection

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AGMA urges its members to help protect vital funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). These funds support millions of union jobs for creative professionals in every state and provide all Americans with access to enriching programs that lift up local economies. We have been informed by the Department of Professional Employees (DPE) that there are proposed amendments to cut NEA and NEH funding by over 23%, which amounts to $48 million for each agency. These cuts would be devastating to the performing arts industry. Now is the time to invest in the NEA and NEH, not cut funding. We hear that the vote on this could happen as early as 9:00 p.m. ET TONIGHT! AGMA members ar... Read More -->

San Francisco Symphony Negotiations Update from AGMA

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The San Francisco Symphony management has once again shown their disregard for the hardworking members of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus. Management has informed us that they won’t be available to meet again until August 23—well after our contract expires.  This ongoing situation is unacceptable. Fortunately, both national and local San Francisco press, along with our supportive community, are highlighting these issues and standing in solidarity with us. (Check out some headlines below!) It's time for management to acknowledge and address these concerns as well. AGMA will continue to advocate for the ENTIRE chorus and we do not plan on slowing down. We are in this together and will continue to keep everyone updated.  Recent... Read More -->

Save the Chorus: Why Cutting the San Francisco Symphony Chorus Budget by 80% Is Not the Answer

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Published on Behalf of the Members of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus Dear Friends and Supporters, We, the members of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus, write to you with a deep sense of pride in our collective accomplishments and a sincere concern for the future of our cherished institution. The 32 paid singers of the Chorus are members of the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA), whose collective bargaining agreement expires at the end of July. The rest of our ensemble is composed of well over 120 unpaid singers who give their time and significant talents to the Symphony Chorus. Given the recent public discussions about the financial challenges faced by the Symphony, we feel compelled to share information, offer our perspe... Read More -->

Recording Available: Watch the Body Equity Seminar Hosted by the OCCC

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The Opera & Concert Choristers Caucus (OCCC) hosted a seminar on body equity on Tuesday, July 2. Guest speaker Patrick Hansen led a discussion on the various challenges—both real and perceived—that singers face during auditions and the casting process. The seminar was recorded and is now available to view on the members-only section of the AGMA website. AGMA members can access the webinar by logging in to MyAGMA, selecting "AGMA Webinars" from the MyAGMA dropdown menu, and then "AGMA Caucus Webinars."... Read More -->