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West Side Story

Leonard Bernstein
Original Language:
Arthur Laurents and Stephen Sondheim
Musical Play in Two Acts

based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Upper West Side of New York City
Role Voice Part Classification
Maria Soprano L
Anita Mezzo Soprano L
Tony Tenor L
Riff Baritone L
Bernardo Baritone F
Action Baritone F
Rosalia / Girl Mezzo Soprano S
Baby John Tenor S
A-rab Tenor S
Diesel Bass S
Anybodys Spoken S
Lt. Schrank Spoken S
Doc Spoken S
Francisca Mezzo Soprano B
Consuela Contralto B
Big Deal Tenor B
Snowboy Bass B
Chino Spoken B
Officer Krupke Spoken B
Glad Hand Spoken B
Velma Spoken CB
Graziella Spoken CB
Pepe Spoken CB
Indio Spoken CB
Gee-Tar Spoken CB

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Voice of Maria’s Mother Spoken CB
Voice of Maria’s Father Spoken CB
Minimum Chorus:  8
Divisi:  SATB