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Notice About Illegal Videotaping

Published June 20, 2015   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

Some agents are illegally, and without any authorization from employers, videotaping performances of their clients’ singing and dancing, and then releasing those clips on YouTube and other internet sites.

Making such recordings and releasing such performances is illegal and, if the performances were recorded while those artists performed in an AGMA house, is also violative of the AGMA collective bargaining agreements with those employers and is a tortious interference with those contracts.

We have advised YouTube accordingly so that it may delete any such clips. We are advising all of our signatory employers of this problem and that, to comply with our contracts, they must confiscate the unauthorized video camera and eject the photographer from the facility.

If this practice continues we will have no alternative but to advise the employers of the names of all agents who are engaging in this illegality and will prosecute those agents to the fullest extent of the law. To protect yourselves, advise your agent that any videotaping of your performances must be authorized by the employer pursuant to the terms of the AGMA collective bargaining agreement.

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