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Sexual Harassment Claims Against Plácido Domingo

Published August 23, 2019   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

AGMA is aware of serious allegations of sexual harassment made by multiple women against Plácido Domingo.  We have contacted our employers to demand independent investigations into these allegations.  Additionally, we have reached out to our members in opera companies that may have been affected to offer guidance and support.  As the independent investigation is conducted, we continue to closely monitor this situation, ensuring the safety of our members our first priority. 

AGMA condemns all sexual abuse and sexual harassment, and commends those who come forward to report these incidents in their workplaces.  AGMA is fully committed to ensuring that the artists we represent have safe workplaces that are free of sexual harassment.  Members who have experienced sexual harassment in their workplace may contact AGMA’s trained professional staff through, or call AGMA’s National Office at 212-265-3687 to be directed to the appropriate staff member. 

AGMA has also partnered with The Actors Fund, a national human services organization, to provide our members who experience sexual harassment with counseling and other resources. For more information, visit

FAQ - Domingo Investigation

Have you received information of other people with similar allegations about Mr. Domingo?

Through our confidential reporting system, we have been receiving reports from members.  We are providing timely, confidential advice and guidance to these artists.

Did you ever receive any report about Mr. Domingo's behavior prior to the complaints being filed, whether from a direct victim or from a witness?

AGMA did not receive any complaints from its members prior to the recent news reports. 

Are you going to be monitoring the LA Opera investigation?

AGMA will be closely monitoring the internal LA Opera investigation.  We have also conducted a series of closed membership meetings in Los Angeles and met with management this week to directly address any member concerns or questions. 

FAQ - AGMA Sexual Harassment Policy and Process

What is the channel and process for its members to report sexual harassment?

AGMA is fully committed to ensuring that artists we represent have a safe work place, and wants any member who has experienced sexual harassment or workplace discrimination to feel supported and empowered by the union.  In line with that mission, AGMA has a long-standing policy and process to take proactive measures to both prevent and respond to harassment in the opera and dance fields. When members bring complaints to our attention, we carefully work through options and encourage them to file reports directly with the employer.

The union has and will continue to challenge the failure of any company to take appropriate action when a member reports an instance of harassment.  Furthermore, any retaliation against an Artist for filing a complaint regarding harassment is strictly prohibited under the law, and will be met with swift action by AGMA.  As a result of the brave individuals who have come forward to report harassment, AGMA is in a better position to hold employers to their obligation to provide a safe workplace free of sexual harassment - no matter how powerful the alleged harasser may be. 

What would the protocol be if someone came forward? Would you make it public?

If AGMA receives a complaint of unlawful workplace harassment or discrimination from a bargaining unit member, the union will work with the member to bring their concerns to management, to ensure that the member and their complaints are taken seriously, and to achieve a favorable solution. In situations where the accused is also an AGMA member, the union will provide the accused with a separate AGMA staff member to represent them in any potential disciplinary proceedings. All complaints of harassment or discrimination are held in strict confidence between the member and the union, except as otherwise required by law.