AGMA Ratifies 4-Year Agreement with Florentine Opera

Published June 27, 2024   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

The new collective bargaining agreement between AGMA and Florentine Opera was approved by AGMA leadership on June 17, 2024, after being ratified by the shop.

Thank you to the negotiating committee and congratulations on this 4-year agreement!



  • Increase in payments for all Artists:
    • 2% (2023-24)
    • 2% (2024-25)
    • 3% (2025-26)
    • 3% (2026-27)
  • Chorister payments:
    • Chorus Bit: 3 hours rehearsal at 3 production rate for each performance​
    • Non-Spoken Role: 2 hours rehearsal at 3 production rate for each performance​
    • Spoken Role: Schedule C Role rate OR 3 hours rehearsal at 3 production rate for each performance​
    • Choristers will receive overtime after 6 hours in a day
  • Per Performance Principal Artists will receive 1/3 of their performance fees upon arrival
  • Principal Artists, Stage Directors, Choreographers, and Production Staff working beyond a 75-mile radius of the Artist's domicile, and Choristers who are working beyond a 100-mile radius of the Artist's domicile will receive per diem
  • Artists will be told of housing arrangements 30 days prior to arrival
    • The Florentine Opera will continue to offer ride-share vouchers to company-housed Artists without transportation
  • Production Staff will receive overtime after 56 hours of work per week or 10 hours per day
  • Minimum of 1 hour between morning and afternoon rehearsals and 1.5 hours between afternoon and evening rehearsals
  • All rehearsals can end with a break
  • Choristers will be provided with a make-up and costume plot 24 hours prior to the first rehearsal requiring make-up
  • An announcement will be made that Artists will not be required to sing out when the Sitzprobe and Dress Rehearsal are scheduled on the same day


  • NEW Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion language, including:​
    • Prohibition of discrimination and harassment​
    • Expanded Auditions and notifications
    • Distribution of policies prior to arrival
    • Exploration of training for all Artists
    • Notice to Artists of the availability of AGMA Representation​
    • Use of preferred pronouns
    • Elimination of stereotypes
    • Attention/sensitivity to skin color and hair for costuming, wigs and makeup ​
  • The Florentine will engage an Intimacy Coach for productions with scenes requiring nudity or sexual violence and will discuss the need for an Intimacy Coach for other productions
  • All garments worn next to the body will be cleaned after each use
  • Space will be provided for nursing parents​
  • Uninterrupted dressing time will be required