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AGMA’s collective power flows not only from the engagement of its members, but also from the pooling of its members’ resources in the form of union dues.  From the employment of a highly skilled professional staff to the negotiation and enforcement of collective bargaining agreements and the education and training of elected union officers, delegates, and the general membership, your union dues help provide the structure and the people to support you, the membership, as you fight to improve your lives and industries.  If you have worked under an AGMA contract, or are currently or about to work under an AGMA contract, and have not yet submitted a membership application, please click here to apply.


As an AGMA member, you are required to pay a one-time Initiation Fee of $1,000, one of the lowest among performing arts unions. Please contact the National Office regarding payment of your Initiation Fee within one week of the first rehearsal of your first AGMA job. Payment plans are available for an AGMA member’s Initiation Fee, and as long as you remain current on your payments, you can remain a member in good standing.


Basic Dues are the annual minimum payment that all AGMA members make to support the continuing operation of their union.

All AGMA members pay Basic Dues in the amount of $100 per year. Basic Dues are billed annually and are due on January 1 of each year. Dues can easily be submitted online by logging into your MyAGMA account.

Please ensure that your Basic Dues are submitted in a timely fashion to avoid any suspension of your membership.  The current reinstatement fee is $250 and will be required in order to return from suspension to “good standing”.


Working Dues are the payments that all AGMA members make when they are working under an AGMA contract.

All AGMA members working under an AGMA contract will have 2% of the first $100,000 of gross annual AGMA income (maximum of $2,000 per year) deducted from their paychecks and remitted by the employer to AGMA, according to the terms of the collective bargaining agreement.

Joint Membership with the Actors’ Equity Association (Equity)

A reciprocal arrangement allows AGMA members in good standing for at least one year, and who have worked under an AGMA contract, to join Equity by virtue of membership in AGMA. Both AGMA and Equity members in good standing are permitted to attend each unions’ auditions.

Additionally, a prospective AGMA member who is an active member in good standing of Equity may join AGMA as an affiliate union. In such a case, only half the Initiation Fee and $100 for annual Basic Dues are required ($600).


All new members are protected by the provisions of the contract immediately. All questions or inquiries regarding any aspect of membership classification, the Initiation Fee, Basic Dues, or Working Dues should be directed to the Membership Department at the National Office in New York, (212) 265-3687 or (800) 543- 2462. You can also email membership@musicalartists.org.