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2019 – 2021 Standing Committees

Contact information for each committee is noted underneath each committee's heading. Responses go to the chair of the committee, any members of the committee the committee chair appoints, and staff liaisons to the committee.


The Executive Council, comprised of officers and governors elected to service, assists the Board of Governors in discharging its constitutional responsibilities for the “general management, direction and control of the affairs, funds and properties” of AGMA. The Board delegates to the Executive Council, operating in accordance with the Board’s previous decisions, the following responsibilities:

1. To act for the Board in emergency situations between regularly scheduled meetings of the Board
2. To make recommendations to the Board
3. To help establish priorities for AGMA and to initiate long-range planning for AGMA
4. To facilitate the coordination of work among the Board’s committees, and to assist in the resolution of issues concerning committee jurisdiction
5. To oversee the work of the National Executive Director and other senior AGMA staff, offering advice and counsel in the setting of priorities and the allocating of AGMA’s personnel and financial resources
6. To work closely with the National Executive Director to ensure the implementation of Board decisions
7. To carry out such other duties as may be specifically assigned from time to time by the Board

CONTACT: president@musicalartists.org
Raymond Menard, AGMA President


Comprised of 15 members (a minimum of six from outside of New York), the Administration and Policy Committee (APC) determines policies and recommendations, and reviews the performances of executives and area representatives. The chair and vice chair are elected by the Committee.

CONTACT: apc@musicalartists.org
John Coleman, Chair


Comprised of 15 members (a minimum of six from outside of New York), the Finance and Budget Committee makes and monitors the annual budget in conjunction with appropriate staff; and reviews audit reports as well as the revenue, expenditures, and variances from the annual budget of the Union. The Committee is chaired by the Treasurer with a vice chair elected by the committee.

CONTACT: treasurer@musicalartists.org
J Austin Bitner, Treasurer


The Membership and Member Relations Committee (MMRC) is limited to 22 members. Duties cover overall communication, including editorial oversight of AGMA publications (ex: AGMAzine), the development and distribution of an AGMA directory, and the review of reports from Company Delegates and New York executives and staff. Duties also include the creation of recruitment strategies, identifying specific needs of non-New York members, managing member complaints, and receiving and reviewing reports from Area Committees. The chair and vice chair are elected by the committee.

CONTACT: mmrc@musicalartists.org
Tim Smith, Chair


Comprised of five Members drawn from past and/or current members of Administration & Policy and Finance & Budget (a minimum of two from outside of New York, and a minimum of two residing in New York), the Personnel Committee members have an excellent understanding of AGMA’s administrative structure and finances, including regular interaction with AGMA’s staff and actual experience of how AGMA’s National Office functions; have a real and relatively current relationship with working AGMA members; and have observed and worked with AGMA staff in negotiating committees and during collective bargaining.

Duties include, after consultation with the Executive Council, reviewing the National Executive Director's compensation; and reviewing, with the National Executive Director, the level, duties, compensations, and performance of the staff; and making staff recommendations, and reviewing unresolved complaints from the staff.

Personnel Committee members are exempt from any Board policy that restricts Officers and Governors from serving on more than one standing committee simultaneously.

CONTACT: personnel@musicalartists.org
Louis Perry, Chair

Raymond Menard, AGMA President (Ex officio committee member, non-voting)
Len Egert, National Executive Director (Ex officio committee member, non-voting)


Comprised of 18 members, the Work Rules and Contracts Committee’s duties include waivers; grievances; reviewing and recommending on proposed contracts; evaluating existing contracts; work rules, health and safety issues; and standards. The sub-committees include non-board members, most of whom have served on negotiating committees. The chair and vice-chair are elected by the Committee.

CONTACT: wrc@musicalartists.org
Jennifer Wallace, Chair