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How To Join

To join the American Guild of Musical Artists, you can call AGMA’s Membership Department for information at (212) 265-3687 or (800) 543-2462, or download an application here.

AGMA applicants must pay a one-time-only Initiation Fee of $1,000 and a yearly fee - referred to as basic dues - of $100, payable every December for the following calendar year. This fee may be paid by credit card or check. The total fee must be paid by the time your income from AGMA engagements reaches $4,000, or three years from the date of your first AGMA contract – whichever comes first.  For more information on our dues structure, please visit our Explanation of Dues page.

Unlike other entertainment unions, we do not require proof of work for you to join. However, you cannot work for certain AGMA signatory employers without joining AGMA, satisfying your dues obligations and keeping your account in good standing.