AGMA Initiation Fee Installment Plan

AGMA members pay a one-time Initiation Fee of $1,000, one of the lowest among performing arts unions. For further details on AGMA's dues structure, visit the main Dues Page.

This fee can be paid off in installments of $50 per month (i.e. 5% of your initiation fee per month). Please note that Initiation Fee installment payments are only required during months in which the member is working under an AGMA contract, and as long as the member remains current on payments, they remain a member of AGMA in good standing.

AGMA members that would like to set up an Installment Plan have the following options:

  • Call the AGMA Membership Department at 212-265-3687 ext. 450 to submit the information on this registration form to an AGMA Staff Representative over the phone - including authorization to charge a credit/debit card on a monthly basis.

Payment of the Initiation Fee or registration for an Installment Plan should be arranged within one week of the first rehearsal of the first AGMA job.

Changing or Pausing Your Installment Plan

  • Should you need to need to change or update the credit card information that AGMA keeps on file for processing your automatic monthly installment payments, you may:
  • To pause your Installment Plan:
    • Please email with your inquiry AT LEAST 3 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE your next installment payment is due / is scheduled to be charged on your card.

*IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING PAUSING YOUR INSTALLMENT PLAN: You only have the option to pause installment payments if you are not working under an AGMA contract. It is your responsibility to notify AGMA to pause payment at least three (3) business days before the installment payment is due, and it is your responsibility to notify AGMA to restart your plan once you start working under an AGMA contract.