FAQ & Help

Contract Violations

AGMA signatory employers are obligated to adhere to all provisions of their collective bargaining agreements. If you believe that your contract is being violated, please follow these steps:

First and foremost, become familiar with your AGMA contract; you can access your collective bargaining agreement here, or by checking with your AGMA delegate.  Try to document the details; write down what, if anything, was said or done by Management and include which contract provision is involved.

If - after looking through your AGMA contract - you believe that Management has violated its obligations, raise the issue first with your AGMA delegate.  Your AGMA delegate is the authorized liaison between Artists and Management and she/he will determine who to contact and how to appropriately address the issue. Your conversations with your AGMA delegate are confidential and do not obligate you to take any action.

You may also contact your AGMA Staff Representative, or the National office, with any questions regarding your rights under your contract and under applicable law. These conversations are also confidential and do not obligate you to take any action.

Unless there is an imminent health or safety issue, members should continue to do their job even if there is a contract violation.  The violation and a potential remedy can be addressed later by the Delegates and/or the Staff Representative.

Remember, your collective bargaining agreement is a mutually agreed-upon document negotiated by AGMA and your employer.  It is only as strong as our ability to enforce it and this is not possible without everyone’s committed participation.  It is not only in everyone’s interest (including management’s) to identify potential violations, but it is your responsibility as an AGMA member to honor all the artists who have volunteered their precious time to fight for each and every right contained within those pages.

Even if it appears to be a minor occurrence, any provision that survived the rigorous process to become part of your contract is worth defending through the protected shield of your delegate and AGMA staff representatives.