About AGMA

AGMA Membership Form

To apply to become an AGMA member, please:

  • Download the PDF Application to your device
  • Fill it out and sign it, electronically 
  • Save application file to your device
  • Send completed application to membership@musicalartists.org

Mac users: The best way to complete our application is to download, open, and complete it through Adobe. If you do not have Adobe, we recommend downloading the FREE Adobe Reader.

Alternatively, you can print the application, fill it out by hand, scan it back into your device, and email it to membership@musicalartists.org.

For first-time members or those thinking of joining AGMA, we highly encourage you to visit our New and Prospective Member Resource Page! The New and Prospective Member Resource Page houses information on what a union is, what it means to be an AGMA member, how to apply, how dues help create collective power, who the elected leadership and staff are, etc. The page includes a complete orientation video as well as an instructional video for how to log in and navigate MyAGMA, for when you become an AGMA member.