Organizing Update: School of American Ballet

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On January 29, AGMA officially notified the School of American Ballet (SAB) management of its faculty’s intention to unionize. Unfortunately, SAB management declined voluntary recognition, prompting AGMA to file for an NLRB election. The election is scheduled for March 12. Further updates will be provided soon. ICYMI: Ballet Faculty at The School of American Ballet (SAB) have taken a historic step by signing union cards to join the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA). This marks a groundbreaking moment for AGMA as it organizes dance educators for the first time. ... Read More -->

Area Committee Elections Update: One Contested Race in the San Francisco Area

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AGMA is in the process of conducting Area Committee elections across every geographic Area of the Union. The self-nomination period closed on February 5, and there was ONLY ONE CONTESTED RACE: the “Dancer, At-Large Seat” in the San Francisco Area. Today, San Francisco Area Members in good standing received emails containing more information on this contested race and a ballot. The deadline for San Francisco Area Members to submit their ballots is February 19 by 5:00 p.m. ET. (Emails with the full results of both contested and uncontested races across all 9 AGMA Areas will be sent on or around February 21 and published on AGMA's platforms.) ... Read More -->

AGMAzine Spotlight: Dancers Vice President Antuan Byers

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In June 2023, AGMA announced the Union's new President, Officers, and Governors. The award-winning Summer 2023 issue of AGMAzine featured interviews with President Ned Hanlon and Officers J. Austin Bitner, Brian August, Helena Brown, Antuan Byers, Eric Ferring, Andres Garcia, Katharine Goeldner, Cameo Humes, and Jennifer Wallace. Now, as part of our AGMAzine Spotlight Series, we will be featuring these union leaders every Wednesday. Today, we spotlight Antuan Byers, AGMA's Dancers Vice President. “I am in commitment to dismantling the dangerous systems of white supremacy and centering those traditionally not given a voice, such as Black folx, Indigenous people, or people who are disabled, queer, or trans. As an Officer... Read More -->

Artists of American Ballet Theatre and AGMA Leadership Overwhelmingly Approve Strike Authorization

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On the evening of February 6, AGMA leadership and the Dancers and Stage Managers of American Ballet Theatre voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. The Artists voted 95.6% in favor of authorizing the strike. This pivotal move follows an arduous eight-month period of negotiations that has unfortunately not resulted in a fair contract. During this time, AGMA Artists at ABT have been diligently working under an expired contract since September. The dedication and unwavering commitment of the Dancers and Stage Managers of ABT are beyond dispute. They consistently perform at the pinnacle of their field, often at the cost of their well-being, safety, and financial stability, all in the pursuit of ensuring ABT's success and arti... Read More -->

Webinar Now Available: Navigating Ageism and Vocal Health

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AGMA Members: “Navigating Ageism and Vocal Health: A Real Talk on the Complexities of Auditioning and Career Longevity,” the latest presentation hosted by the AGMA Opera and Concert Choristers Caucus (OCCC), is available for viewing. On January 29, the OCCC welcomed guest speaker Karen Brunssen, Professor of Music at the Bienen School of Music, Northwestern University, to speak on this important topic. Members must log in to MyAGMA and visit the “AGMA Webinars” main page to access the recording. From there, members can select “AGMA Caucus Webinars.” Happy viewing! ... Read More -->

AGMAzine is Accepting Submissions Until March 1

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! AGMA Artists are invited to submit a piece of writing or artwork to the upcoming issue of AGMAzine! The theme is: BALANCE. Members are encouraged to interpret the theme of “balance” in any way that inspires them. The deadline to contribute to the Winter/Spring 2024 issue is March 1, 2024. Email submissions (word document preferred) and/or high-resolution photos/artwork (as attachments) directly to Denise Baker at AGMA welcomes articles (100 words to 1,000 words, or somewhere in between) from all AGMA members in good standing. We look forward to highlighting the voices of our members. Though we cannot publish all submissions, please know that we will aler... Read More -->

The Dancers of Dance Theatre of Harlem Take Steps to Unionize

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The Dancers of Dance Theatre of Harlem (DTH) have signed cards to form a union and join the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA). Established in 1969, Dance Theatre of Harlem holds the distinction of being the first Black classical ballet company. Formerly an AGMA company, DTH closed its doors in 2004 and resumed operations in 2012 as a non-union company. "The Dancers of Dance Theatre of Harlem are united and ready to become a part of AGMA again,” said Griff Braun, AGMA’s National Organizing Director. “The full membership of the American Guild of Musical Artists stands in support of their unionizing efforts, and we believe that this collective step will contribute to positive change within the dance community at lar... Read More -->

AGMA Attends Arts Funding Summit in D.C.

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AGMA recently participated in a first-of-its-kind summit co-hosted by the White House Domestic Policy Council and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). The Summit, Healing, Bridging, and Thriving, was held in D.C. on January 30. It served as a platform for government agencies and entertainment unions to delve into discussions on the crucial topic of arts funding and its role in cultivating a resilient arts and humanities sector. Ned Hanlon, AGMA President, shared thoughts on the summit: "We applaud the NEA and the White House Domestic Policy Council for holding this important summit on arts funding. It was inspiring to see so many different stakeholders in one place, and a reminder of the Biden-Harris Administration's commi... Read More -->

AGMA Celebrates Black History Month

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This Black History Month, AGMA takes great pride in paying tribute to the legacy of past Black AGMA members, celebrating the outstanding advocacy and artistry of our current Black leaders and members, and supporting Black AGMA Artists of the future. The exceptional talent and artistry displayed by Black AGMA Artists across the nation have yielded remarkable contributions to the arts and to our industries, profoundly enriching our community and serving as a powerful source of inspiration for us all. We also celebrate the Black leaders of our union. Your unwavering dedication, whether it be within your shops as union delegates, on negotiating committees, as part of the AGMA Black Caucus or AGMA’s new I.D.E.A. Subcommittee, or on the ... Read More -->