About AGMA

How Does AGMA Support YOU?

As your union, AGMA:

Negotiates Industry-Leading Collective Bargaining Agreements:

AGMA supports our members in fighting for higher wages, better benefits, and safer working conditions through member-driven contract negotiations (“collective bargaining”).  AGMA’s highly trained professional staff works with member leaders and negotiating committees to generate meaningful proposals, present those proposals to management in an effective way, and create bargaining strategies for success.

Protects Your Rights at Work:

AGMA supports our members in enforcing collective bargaining agreements by educating and training our delegates, committees, and rank and file members, fostering collaborative relationships with managements, and, when necessary, filing and resolving grievances.

Works to Increase Bargaining Power for All:

AGMA seeks to raise industry standards in opera, dance, and concert work by strengthening, engaging, and educating our membership, as well as expanding the reach of our union through new organizing.

Addresses Issues of Harassment and Discrimination:

AGMA holds signatory employers accountable for providing a safe work environment - free from all forms of harassment and discrimination - and supports our members in coming forward to report any instance of harassment or discrimination in the workplace.  AGMA also provides an anonymous reporting system for our members for issues of sexual harassment (click here for more information).  Additionally, AGMA negotiates contract language that secures a role for the union in the reporting and investigation of claims of harassment and ensures that any AGMA member involved has access to union representation.  AGMA also ensures that any member accused of harassment receives due process.  Click here for AGMA’s official policy on sexual harassment.

Provides a Reciprocal Audition Policy with Actors Equity:

AGMA has secured the right for our members to attend Actors Equity auditions.  To attend an Equity audition, AGMA members must show a current or lifetime membership card to the Equity delegate.

Supports Our Members in Times of Need:

Through the AGMA Relief Fund, AGMA provides emergency financial assistance to our members in times of need.  Click here for more information.

Supports and Collaborates with Organizations That Help Our Members:

AGMA proudly supports the Entertainment Community Fund (previously The Actors Fund), a non-profit human services organization that provides resources, services, and counseling for our members, as well as organizations like Union Plus, which provide a variety of discounts on products and services and special benefits for union members.  Additionally, AGMA collaborates with our sister performing arts unions and other professional unions through the Department for Professional Employees, AFL-CIO.