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AGMA Union Organizing Webinars

In May 2022, AGMA hosted two free and public webinars, "Organizing the Opera World" and “Organizing the Dance World." These webinars were designed for those who have yet to form a union, so please feel free to share with your non-union friends!

The webinars focused on union organizing – what it is, how it’s done, who the decision-makers are, and why the opera and dance worlds would be better, safer, and stronger if all artists in the United States unionized and became AGMA artists.

Special thanks to Board members Helena Brown, Brian August, Eric Ferring, Daniel Pratt, and Corey Bourbonniere for their participation. A note of thanks also to Sarah Daley-Perdomo, one of AGMA's fantastic delegates at Alvin Ailey, for her participation.

Organizing the Opera World

Organizing the Dance World