About AGMA

Brieanna Frye, Business Representative, Professional Bio

Brieanna Frye (she/her) joined AGMA as one of the New York Business Representatives in late 2021. She is originally from North Carolina (bred, not born) but has lived in Ohio, DC, and now New York City. As of 2023, her title is "Business Representative." The title change reflects her work across regional divides and promotes a more inclusive and versatile role within AGMA.

Before joining AGMA, Frye worked as a Paralegal at Mehri & Skalet, PLLC, a civil rights law firm. While there, she primarily worked on cases related to gender, racial, and disability discrimination in the workplace. She gained a plethora of experiences there, from supporting individual severance negotiations and fighting for pregnant workers to assisting in filming an NFL documentary.

She spent nearly five years working in non-profit operations at the National Abortion Federation Hotline. It was there where she discovered her passion for labor unions, having participated in creating and negotiating the organization’s first collective bargaining agreement. She is both pro-choice and pro-collective action.

She graduated with a BA in Economics from Oberlin College & Conservatory, where she gained an appreciation for the arts. After college, she traded in West African drumming for kickboxing and never looked back. Also, after four years of German, she professes to only be at a beginner level. While empathy was a learned trait, her humor is naturally self-deprecating.