Schedule C

Alice in Wonderland

Unsuk Chin
Original Language:
David Henry Hwang and Unsuk Chin

Opera in Eight Scenes


based on the Lewis Carroll books

Role Voice Part Classification
Alice Soprano L
Queen of Hearts Soprano F
Cheshire Cat Soprano F
Duchess Mezzo Soprano F
White Rabbit Countertenor F
Mad Hatter Baritone F
March Hare Countertenor S
Mouse Tenor S
King of Hearts Bass S
Boy Treble B
Cook Soprano or Tenor B
Owl Mezzo Soprano B
Two Mezzo Soprano B
Badger Countertenor B
Pat Tenor B
Dormouse Tenor B
Five Tenor B
Invisible Man Tenor B
Old Man #1 Baritone B
Eaglet Baritone B
Duck Baritone B
Executioner Baritone B
Old Man #2 Bass B
Crab Bass B

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'Alice in Wonderland' (Unsuk Chin) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

Dodo Bass B
Frog-footman Bass B
Seven Bass B
Mock Turtle Spoken B
Fish-footman Spoken CB
"Soldator" Spoken CB
Bantam Cock (Jury) Tenor CB
Mole (Jury) Tenor CB
Duck #2 (Jury) Tenor CB
Squirrel (Jury) Bass CB
Storkling (Jury) Bass CB
Mousling (Jury) Bass CB
Soldiers 1 & 2 Alto or Tenor CB
Soldiers 3 & 4 Tenor or Baritone CB
Soldiers 5 & 6 Bass CB
Not classified are the Caterpillar (an instrumentalist playing the bass clarinet) and mute supernumeraries
Minimum Chorus:  32
Divisi:  SATB
Chorus Notes:  

+ Children’s chorus