Schedule C


Anthony Davis
Original Language:
Thulani Davis
Opera in Two Acts

Libretto after the historical event of the Amistad revolt

Various locations: ship, court room, prison cell
Role Voice Part Classification
The Trickster God Tenor L
Cinque Bass L
Antonio Baritone F
John Quincy Adams Bass-Baritone F
The Goddess of the Waters Mezzo Soprano F
Navigator Tenor F
Margru/Voice 5 Soprano F
Abolitionist Tappan Tenor S
Lieutenant/Judge Bass-Baritone S
Don Pedro/Calderon Bass S
Grabeau/Voice 1/African II Baritone S
Bahia Soprano S
Burnah/Voice 3/African I Baritone S
Kaleh/Voice 2 Tenor S
Kinna/Voice 4 Tenor S
President Martin Van Buren Tenor B
Phrenologist Tenor B
Lawyer Bass B
Cook Bass B
Southern Senator Baritone B
Reporter 1 Tenor B
Reporter 2 Baritone B
Reporter 3 Bass-Baritone B
Reporter 4 Baritone B

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'Amistad' (Anthony Davis) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

Reporter 5 Tenor B
Reporter 6 Bass-Baritone B
Minimum Chorus:  60
Chorus Notes:  

The following roles are also to be included in the Slave/Captive Chorus as noted from the original Score and the original production notes:
Margu, Bahia, Kaleh, Burnah,Grabeau, Kinna