Schedule C

Antony & Cleopatra

Samuel Barber
Original Language:
Text of William Shakespeare, adapted by Franco Zeffirelli
Enter any
Opera in Three Acts with Prologue

Rome, Alexandria, Actium, a Roman Gallery, The Monument
Role Voice Part Classification
Cleopatra, queen of Egypt Soprano L
Antony, Roman general High Bass L
Caesar, ruler of Rome Tenor L
Enobarbus, Antony's comrade Bass L
Iras, Cleopatra's attendant Contralto F
Octavia, Antony's wife Mute, however, in the world premiere, original version High Lyric Soprano F
Charmian, Cleopatra's attendant Mezzo Soprano F
Agrippa, a senator Bass S
Eros, Antony's shieldbearer Young Man's voice (Tenor or High Baritone) S
Maecenas, a senator Baritone S
A Messenger Tenor S
Dolabella, Caesar's emissary Baritone S
Thidias, Caesar's ambassador Tenor or High Baritone S
Alexas, Cleopatra's attendant Bass S
A Soothsayer Bass S
A Soldier of Caesar Tenor S
A Rustic Baritone or Bass S
Four Guards Basses S
Two Watchmen Basses B & B
Guardsman Bass B
Senator Bass CB

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Minimum Chorus:  40
Divisi:  SATB