Schedule C


André Messager
Original Language:
Robert de Flers and Gaston-A. de Caillavet
Enter any
Opera in Four Acts


based on the short story La légende de Soeur Béatrix by Charles Nodier

16th Century
Calabria and Sicily
Role Voice Part Classification
Béatrice Soprano L
Lorenzo Tenor L
Mother Superior Mezzo Soprano F
Musidora Mezzo Soprano F
La Bohémienne Mezzo Soprano F
The Virgin Soprano S
Frosine Soprano S
Lélia Soprano S
Fabrice Tenor S
Tibério Baritone S
Beppo Baritone S
Bishop of Palermo Bass S
Sister Odile Soprano B
Fabio Tenor B
Gardener Tenor B
Fisherman (Act 2) Tenor B
Sister Blandine Soprano CB
Sister Monique Soprano CB
Six Sisters (Act 1) Sopranos (6) CB
A Fisherman (Act 3) Tenor CB
A Fisherman (Act 3) Baritone CB
A Fisherman (Act 3) Bass CB
Old Fisherman (Act 3) Baritone CB
Four Sisters (Act 4) Sopranos (4) CB

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Minimum Chorus:  32
Divisi:  SATB