Schedule C

Betrothal in a Monastery (The Duenna)

Sergei Prokofiev
Original Language:
Sergei Prokofiev and Mira Mendelson
Enter any
Opera in Four Acts


Text from Sheridan’s The Duenna

18th Century
Role Voice Part Classification
Don Jerome, a rich man of Seville Tenor L
Ferdinand, his son Baritone L
Louisa, his daughter Soprano L
Antonio, in love with Louisa Tenor L
Clara D’Almanza, friend of Louisa Mezzo Soprano L
Mendoza, a rich fish merchant Bass L
The Duenna (Margaret) Contralto F
Don Carlos, impoverished nobleman, friend of Mendoza Baritone F
Father Augustine, Father Superior of the Monastery Baritone S
Brother Elixir, monk Tenor S
Brother Chartreuse, monk Baritone S
Brother Benedictine, monk Bass S
1st Monk Tenor B
2nd Monk Tenor B
Lauretta, Louisa’s maidservant Soprano B
Rosina, Clara’s maidservant Contralto B
Lopez, Ferdinand’s servant Tenor B
*Friend of Don Jerome (plays Cornet) Non-singing. Acting.
*Sancho, servant of Don Jerome (plays the big drum) Non-singing. Acting.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Maskers Tenor, Baritone, Bass B
Pablo, valet of Mendoza Tenor CB
Pedro, valet of Mendoza Tenor or Baritone CB
Miguel, valet of Mendoza Bass CB
Urchin Silent CB

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'Betrothal in a Monastery (The Duenna)' (Sergei Prokofiev) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

* if played by instrumentalist then covered under AF of M
Minimum Chorus:  36
Divisi:  SATB