Schedule C

Billy Budd

Benjamin Britten
Original Language:
E. M. Forster and Eric Crozier
Enter any
Opera in Two Acts


adapted from the story by Herman Melville

During the French Wars of 1797
Onboard the H.M.S. Indomitable
Role Voice Part Classification
Captain Edward Fairfax Vere Tenor L
Billy Budd Baritone L
Mr. Redburn, First Lieutenant Baritone L
Mr. Flint, Sailing Master Bass-Baritone L
John Claggart Bass L
Lieutenant Ratcliffe Bass F
Red Whiskers Tenor S
Novice Tenor S
Maintop Tenor S
Squeak Tenor S
Donald Baritone S
Bosun Baritone S
First and Second Mates Baritones S
Novice’s Friend Baritone S
Dansker Bass S
Four Midshipmen (4 boys) Trebles B
Cabin Boy Spoken B
Arthur Jones Baritone B
Three Chorus Soli Tenor CB
Baritone CB
Bass CB
Hurt Sailor Baritone CB
Off-stage Voice Baritone CB

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Sailor with the earring Baritone CB
Gunnar’s Mate Baritone CB
Minimum Chorus:  40
Divisi:  TB