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Boris Godounov

Modest Moussorgsky
Original Language:
Modest Moussorgsky, after Pushkin and Karamazin
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Opera in a Prologue and Four Acts


Text from Pushkin’s play of the same name & the “History of the Russian Empire” by Nikolai Mikhailovich Karamazin. There are 4 main versions of “Boris”, 2 by Moussorgsky, and 2 by Rimsky-Korsakov. The following classification is for the Rimsky-Korsakov (1908-D) version. It is in this version that the opera has most often been performed.

Russia & Poland
Role Voice Part Classification
Boris Godounov Bass L
Dimitri (Grigori), the pretender Tenor L
Marina Mnishek, a Polish Princess Mezzo Soprano F
Varlaam, a vagabond Bass F
Prince Shouisky Tenor F
Pimen, monk & chronicler Bass F
Rangoni, a Jesuit Bass-Baritone F
A Simpleton (The Idiot) Tenor F
Feodor, son of Boris Mezzo Soprano S
Xenia, daughter of Boris Soprano S
The Old Nurse Contralto S
Missail, a vagabond Tenor S
The Hostess of the Inn Mezzo Soprano S
Andrey Tchelkalov, clerk of Douma Baritone S
Police Sergeant Bass B
Frontier Guard Bass B
Boyar Tenor B
Lavitzki, a Jesuit Bass B
Tchernikovski, a Jesuit Bass B
Mitioukha, 1st peasant Bass B
Boyar Khrustchov Tenor CB

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2nd peasant (Prologue) Tenor CB
1st woman peasant (Prologue) Soprano CB
2nd woman peasant (Prologue) Mezzo Soprano CB
Minimum Chorus:  48
Divisi:  SATB
Chorus Notes:  

The Boyars (8 Basses) are included in the minimum chorus recommendation