Schedule C

Candide [Opera House Version (1982 rev. 2016)]

Leonard Bernstein
Original Language:
Hugh Wheeler, adapted from Voltaire, and Richard Wilbur; with additional lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and John LaTouche
Opera in Two Acts

Adapted from Voltaire’s satire.

This classification is of the Harold Prince “Opera House version” for New York City Opera (1982 rev. 2016).

not specified
Westphalia; other places in the Old World; places in the New World
Role Voice Part Classification
Cunegonde Soprano L
Candide Tenor L
Voltaire/Dr. Pangloss/Governor/Businessman/Police Chief/Sage/2nd Gambler Tenor L
Paquette Mezzo Soprano F
Old Lady Mezzo Soprano F
Maximilian Baritone F
Hugo/Radu (1st Bulgarian)/Father Bernard/Issachar/Gambler Baritone F
Pasha-Prefect/Baron/Grand Inquisitor/Slave Driver Spoken F
Sheep #1 Soprano B
Sheep #2 Mezzo Soprano B
Judge #1 Tenor B
Judge #2 Baritone B
Judge #3 Bass B
Heresy Agent Spoken B
Bulgarian #2 Spoken B
Solos #2 – 8 Soprano or Mezzo Soprano (7) CB (7)
Solo #1 Baritone CB
Lion Baritone CB
Baroness Spoken CB
Aide Spoken CB

'Candide [Opera House Version (1982 rev. 2016)]' (Leonard Bernstein) Schedule C Listing Continued on Next Page...

'Candide [Opera House Version (1982 rev. 2016)]' (Leonard Bernstein) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

Huntsman Spoken CB
2 Westphalian Soldiers Spoken (2) CB (2)
4 Sailors Spoken (4) CB (4)
Instrumentalist (Spoken line) Flute or Clarinet CB
Minimum Chorus:  24
Divisi:  SATB