Schedule C


Leonard Bernstein
Original Language:
Lillian Hellman & Richard Wilbur

Comic Operetta in Three Acts


Text based on Voltaire’s novel

Europe and the Americas
Role Voice Part Classification
Voltaire w/Pangloss, Business Man Baritone L
Governor, 2nd Gambler, Sage  
Candide Tenor L
Cunegonde Soprano L
Baron w/Grand Inquisitor, Slavedriver, Pasha F
Maximilian Baritone F
Servant of Maximilian w/2nd Bulgarian, Jew, Judge, Father Bernard, 1rst Gambler F
Paquette Soprano F
Old Lady Mezzo Soprano F
Huntsman w/1st Bulgarian, Don #4, Baroness w/Calliope Player, Inquisition business S
1st Westphalian Soldier w/Don #5, Pirate #2 S
2nd Westphalian Soldier w/Governor's Aide, Sailor #3 S
Heresy Agent w/Don #6 B
Two Pink Sheep w/Inquisition Business B
Lion w/Inquisition Business Baritone B
1st Inquisition Agent w/Sailor #1 CB
Dons #1, #2, #3 CB (parts)
Two Whores (Dancers)  
Horse Movers (Dancers)  

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Minimum Chorus:  24
Divisi:  SATB