Schedule C


Richard Rodgers
Original Language:
Oscar Hammerstein II
Enter any
Musical Play in Two Acts


based on Ferenc Molnár’s play, Liliom, as adapted by Benjamin F. Glazer

the New England coast
Role Voice Part Classification
Julie Jordan Soprano L
Billy Bigelow Baritone L
Carrie Pipperidge Soprano F
Nettie Fowler Mezzo-Soprano F
Enoch Snow Tenor F
Jigger Craigin Baritone F
Mrs. Mullin Spoken F
The Starkeeper/Dr. Seldon Spoken S
David Bascombe Spoken S
Policeman Spoken S
1st Man Baritone B
2nd Man Tenor B
Captain Spoken B
Principal Spoken B
Heavenly Friend #1 Spoken B
Louise Spoken B
Enoch Snow, Jr. Spoken B
1st Girl Soprano CB
Arminy Mezzo-Soprano CB
1st Woman Mezzo-Soprano CB
2nd Woman Mezzo-Soprano CB
Baritone Solo Baritone CB
3rd Man Spoken CB
2nd Girl Spoken CB

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A Girl Spoken CB
A man Spoken CB
Baby Sister Spoken CB
Heavenly Friend #2 Spoken CB
Sailor Spoken CB
Enoch’s Daughter Spoken CB
Voices 1 – 10 [Voices 1-6, 8 and 10 are Men; Voices 7 and 9 are Women] Spoken CB
Voices 1-4 Spoken CB
Minimum Chorus:  28
Divisi:  SATB