Schedule C

Carry Nation

Douglas Moore
Original Language:
William North Jayme
Enter any
Opera in Two Acts


based on the life of the temperance activist

19th Century
Midwestern United States
Role Voice Part Classification
Mother Soprano L
Carry Nation Mezzo-Soprano L
Charles Baritone L
Father Bass-Baritone L
Boy Treble B
Girl Soprano B
1st Lady Soprano B
2nd Lady Soprano B
3rd Lady Mezzo-Soprano B
Ben Tenor B
Young Man Tenor B
Saloon Boy Tenor* B
1st Man in the Prologue Baritone B
2nd Man in the Prologue Tenor B
City Marshal Baritone B
Preacher Baritone B
Caretaker Baritone B
Quartet 1st Tenor Tenor B
Quartet 2nd Tenor Tenor B
Quartet Bass Bass B
Man Tenor CB
Edna Maud Soprano CB
Toaster Baritone CB
Solo Tenor Tenor CB

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Another Man Bass and Spoken CB
* The Saloon Boy also tap dances.  
Minimum Chorus:  28
Divisi:  SATB