Schedule C

Casanova's Homecoming

Dominick Argento
Original Language:
Dominick Argento
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Opera Buffa in III Acts


based on Giacomo Casanova’s memoirs

The first week of the Carnival Season 1774
Role Voice Part Classification
Casanova Baritone L
Lorenzo, an abbe, friend of Casanova Baritone F
Bellino (Teresa), an opera singer Mezzo-Soprano F
Marquis De Lisle, nephew & heir to Mme. D'Urfe Tenor F
Mme. D'Urfe, a very mad, wealthy, elderly widow Contralto F
Giulietta, abandoned wife of a cardsharp Soprano F
Barbara, Casanova's god-child Lyric Soprano F
Marcantonio, a street urchin, serving-boy 12-13 years old. Treble or Soprano F
Gabrielle, a penniless poet (Gabrielle w/Gondolier - Feature) Lyric Tenor S
Businello, secretary to the Council of Ten Bass-Baritone S
Gondolier (Gondolier w/Gabrielle - Feature) Lyric Tenor S
The minimum Chorus of 24 includes:  
A Lady (whose purse is stolen) Soprano CB
Dircea, Opera Seria Soloist Soprano S
Cherinto, Opera Seria Soloist Soprano B
Mme. D'Urfe's Servant Soprano CB
A Girl (in Casanova's bed) high vocal line Soprano B
A Matron (in Casanova's bed) Soprano CB
A Vendor (Act I, sc. 1 - with Montebank & Charlatan) Alto S
Timante, Opera Seria Soloist (Act I, Scene 2) Alto S
Matusio, Opera Seria Soloist Alto B
Gianpaolo, the Marquis' boyfriend Alto B
A Young Woman (in Casanova's bed) Alto CB

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'Casanova's Homecoming' (Dominick Argento) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

A Young Girl (of Marcantonio's age) Alto CB
Charlatan (Act I, Scene 1 - high vocal line) Tenor S
Demofoonte, Opera Seria Soloist Tenor B
A Junior Police Officer Tenor CB
2 Guards Tenors CB
1st Inquisitor (who is also Pulcinello) Tenor S
A Montebank (Act I, Scene 1 - high vocal line) Bass S
Chief of Police Bass B
2 Guards Basses CB
2nd Inquisitor (who is also Tartaglia) Bass S
3rd Inquisitor (who is also the Spanish Captain) Bass S
Minimum Chorus:  24
Divisi:  SATB
Chorus Notes:  

Each Chorister has a small role to play. This information is provided in the score.