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cena delle beffe, La

Umberto Giordano
Original Language:
Sem Benelli
Opera in Four Acts

Adapted from Benelli’s 1909 play of the same name.
Musicale Sanzogno, Milan; piano/vocal score #2452.

15th Century
Florence, Italy
Role Voice Part Classification
Genevra Soprano L
Giannetto Malaspini Tenor L
Neri Chiaramantesi Baritone L
Lisabetta Soprano F
Trinca Tenor F
Doctor Baritone F
Fiammetta Soprano S
Laldomine Mezzo Soprano S
Cintia Mezzo Soprano S
Fazio Baritone S
Gabriello Chiaramantesi Tenor B
A Singer Tenor B
Tornaquinci Bass B
Lapo Tenor CB
Calandra Bass CB
Please be advised: Contact AGMA for classification if you are combining roles, and/or for classification of unassigned lines, and/or for classification of any combination of Chorus and Solo bits from what has been performed previously.
Minimum Chorus:  8
Divisi:  TB