Schedule C

Cold Mountain

Jennifer Higdon
Original Language:
Gene Scheer
Opera in Two Acts

Based on Charles Frazier’s 1997 novel. Classification based on the January 2017 revised score.

1860s – the American Civil War
North Carolina
Role Voice Part Classification
Ada Monroe Soprano L
Ruby Thewes Mezzo Soprano L
Teague Tenor L
W. P. Inman Baritone L
Reverend Veasey Tenor F
Stobrod Thewes / Blindman* Bass F
Sara / Lila* Soprano S
Lucinda Mezzo Soprano S
Junior / Charlie* Tenor S
Reid / Chain Gang Guard #1* Tenor S
Katie / Siren #1* Soprano B
Olivia / Siren #2* Mezzo Soprano B
Claire / Siren #3* Mezzo Soprano B
Owens / Chain Gang Guard #2 / Ethan* Baritone B
Reverend Monroe / Pangle / Chain Gang Guard #3* Baritone B
Girl (Grace Inman) Spoken B
Laura Spoken B
Owens’ Son / Home Guard* Spoken B

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Thomas Bass CB
Birch Spoken CB
* Combined roles are as specified in the published score, version dated January 2017.
Minimum Chorus:  16
Divisi:  TB