Schedule C

Csárdásfürstin, Die (The Gypsy Princess)

Emmerich Kálmán
Original Language:
Leo Stein and Bela Jenbach
Enter any
Operetta in III Acts

About 1910
Vienna and outside of the city
Role Voice Part Classification
Sylva Varescu High Soprano L
Edwin Ronald (Prince Edwin-Marius) High Soprano L
Countess Anastasia (Stasi) Mezzo-Soprano F
Count Boni Banscianu Baritone F
Feri Von Kerekes (Count Ferencz) Baritone S
Prince Leopold Bass-Baritone S
Princess Anhilte (Karen) Contralto S
Baron Von Rohndorff (Eugen) (if a lot of dialogue = S) Speaking B
Ambassador Macgrave CB
Von Mero CB
Von Szerenyi CB
Von Vitar CB
Miksa CB
Hotel Porter CB
Kisch Mute
Six Dancing Girls (if Choristers then = CB)
Below, please see classification of characters who appear in “New Version” of “The Gypsy Princess” - Book by Conrad Carter, Lyrics by Phil Park, Music adapted and arranged by Ronald Hanmer, in addition to others already classified above.
Andrey - Light Tenor – S
Juliska – Soubrette Soprano – S
Aranka - Soubrette Soprano – S
Rizzi - Soubrette Mezzo Soprano – S
Senator Bland – Speaking – B
Miska – Speaking – B

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'Csárdásfürstin, Die (The Gypsy Princess)' (Emmerich Kálmán) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

Minimum Chorus:  18
Divisi:  SATB