Schedule C

Doktor Faust

Ferruccio Busoni
Original Language:
Ferruccio Busoni
Opera in Two Parts
Last scene was completed by Phillip Jarnach in 1924, and in 1984 by musicologist Antony Beaumont
Middle Ages
Wittenburh, Germany and Parma, Italy
Role Voice Part Classification
Doktor Faust Baritone L
Mephistopheles Tenor L
Poet Speaker F in AB version
Poet Speaker S in PJ version
Wagner Bass F
Soldier Baritone F
Duchess of Parma Soprano F
Duke of Parma Tenor S
Master of Ceremonies Bass S
Natural Philosopher Baritone B
Lieutenant Tenor B
Theologian Bass B
Jurist Bass B
Cracow Student 1 Tenor B
Cracow Student 2 Bass B
Cracow Student 3 Bass B
1. Gravis Bass B
2. Levis Bass B
3. Asmodus Baritone B
4. Beelzebuth Tenor B
5. Megaros Tenor B
Credo Soloist Soprano B
Credo Soloist Mezzo-Soprano B
Credo Soloist Contralto B
*Wittenburg Student 1 Tenor S
*Wittenburg Student 2 Tenor S
*Wittenburg Student 3 Tenor S
*Wittenburg Student 4 Baritone S
*Wittenburg Student 5 Baritone S
Tenor Solo Tenor S
**Chorister Solo 3 Sopranos CB
**Chorister Solo 3 Contraltos CB
**Chorister Solo 3 Tenors CB
**Chorister Solo 3 Basses CB
*In some cases student roles are assigned to a designated student, and in others, not. By combining the student roles, they can be sung by only 5 soloists not counting the tenor solo in the last scene.
**The score states that these voices sing from within the orchestra.
Minimum Chorus:  60
Divisi:  SATB