Schedule C

Don Rodrigo

Alberto Ginastera
Original Language:
Alejandro Caona
Enter any
Opera in Three Acts

8th Century
Toledo, Spain
Role Voice Part Classification
Don Rodrigo, King of Spain Dramatic Tenor L
Florinda, his daughter Dramatic Soprano L
Don Julian, Governor Baritone F
Tendiselo, tutor Bass F
Fortuna, servant to Florinda Mezzo-Soprano S
Obispo, Bishop Baritone S
1st Doncella Soprano S
2nd Doncella Mezzo-Soprano S
Blind Hermit Baritone B
Voice of Dream Bass B
1st Page Tenor B
2nd Page Baritone B
1st Messenger Tenor B
2nd Messenger Baritone B
1st Locksmith Tenor B
2nd Locksmith Baritone B
Young Messenger Contralto B
Young Boy Soprano B
Young Girl (Shepherdess) Soprano B
The following roles may be performed by same Artist, whereby the recommended classification would be S in each case.
1st Messenger/1st Page/1st Locksmith = S (Tenor)
2nd Messenger/2nd Page/2nd Locksmith = S (Baritone)

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Minimum Chorus:  32
Divisi:  SATB
Chorus Notes:  

There is a speaking chorus throughout the opera.