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Vincent D’Indy
Original Language:
Vincent D’Indy
Opera in a Prologue and Three Acts

Based in part on the 1822 lyric poem Axel by Esaias Tegnér.
A. Durand et Fils, Paris, France piano/vocal score #D&F 4966

The Land of Cravann
Role Voice Part Classification
Guilhen Mezzo Soprano L
Fervaal Tenor L
Arfagard Baritone L
Kaito Contralto S
Lennsmor Tenor S
Edwig Tenor S
Ilbert Tenor S
Ferkemnat Tenor S
Chennos Tenor S
Penvald Baritone S
Gwellkingubar Baritone S
Berddret Baritone S
Geywhir Baritone S
Grympuig Bass S
Helwig Bass S
Moussah Tenor B
Bard Tenor B
Shepherd Tenor B
Messenger Baritone B
Peasant #2 Tenor B
Peasant #4 Tenor B
Peasant #1 Baritone B
Peasant #3 Bass B
Peasant #5 Bass B
Saracen Peasant #1 Tenor B
Saracen Peasant #2 Bass B
Buduann Bass CB
Please be advised: Contact AGMA for classification if you are combining roles, and/or for classification of unassigned lines, and/or for classification of any combination of Chorus and Solo bits from what has been performed previously.
Minimum Chorus:  60
Divisi:  SATB