Schedule C

Fiery Angel, The (L'Ange de Feu)

Sergei Prokofiev
Original Language:
Russian (French Translation by André Michel)
Sergei Prokofiev
Opera in V Acts and Seven Tableau

Libretto from a novel by Valery Bryusov (published in Russia in 1907)

17th Century
Role Voice Part Classification
Ruprecht, a knight Baritone L
Renata Soprano L
Agrippa Von Nettelsheim, a philosopher Tenor F
Mephistopheles Tenor F
The Mother Superior (Abbess) Mezzo-Soprano F
The Inquisitor Bass F
The Hostess of the Inn Contralto S
A Fortune-Teller (Sorceress) Mezzo-Soprano S
Faust Baritone S
Two Young Nuns Sopranos S
Jakob Glock Tenor B
The Servant at the Inn (Laborer) Baritone B
A Kitchen Boy Mute B
6 Nuns 3 Sopranos & 3 Altos B
Mathias (Matthew) friend of Ruprecht Baritone B
The Doctor Tenor B
The Innkeeper (at Cologne) Baritone B
A Pot-Boy Treble B
Three Men of Cologne Basses CB each
Count Heinrich (Dancer)
Minimum Chorus:  36
Divisi:  SATB