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Fire Shut Up In My Bones

Terence Blanchard
Original Language:
Kasi Lemmons
Opera in Three Acts

Based on a 2014 memoir by Charles Blow

Gibsland, Louisiana
Role Voice Part Classification
Billie Soprano L
Destiny/Loneliness/Greta Soprano L
Charles Blow Baritone L
Char’es Baby Treble F
Spinner Tenor S
Uncle Paul Baritone S
Chester Baritone S
Mature Nathan Tenor S
Mature William Tenor S
Mature James Baritone S
Mature Robert Baritone S
Young Nathan Spoken B
Young William Spoken B
Young James Spoken B
Young Robert Spoken B
Each one of the following sings all of the listed roles in combination:
Ruby/Sinner/Neighbor Mezzo Soprano B
Verna/Young Lovely/Neighbor/Choir Member Soprano B
Bertha/Neighbor/Choir Member Mezzo Soprano B
Chicken Plucker/Pastor/Frat Boy/Lay about Man Tenor B
Foreman/Kaboom/Frat Boy/Lay about Man Baritone B
Frat Boy/Lay about Man Baritone CB
Frat Boy/Lay about Man Baritone CB
Neighbor/Choir Member Soprano CB
Please be advised: Contact AGMA for classification if you are combining roles, and/or for classification of unassigned lines, and/or for classification of any combination of Chorus and Solo bits from what has been performed previously.
Minimum Chorus:  20
Divisi:  SATB