Schedule C

Frida [version for 13 voices]

Robert Xavier Rodríguez
Original Language:
English and Spanish
Hilary Blecher and Migdalia Cruz
Opera in Two Acts / version for 13 voices

Based on the life of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo

20th Century
Mexico; New York City
Role Voice Part Classification
Frida Kahlo Mezzo Soprano L
Diego Rivera Baritone L
#1 Cristina Kahlo/Socialite Soprano S
#2 Schoolgirl/Revolutionary/Passenger/Wedding Guest/ Mrs. Ford Soprano S
#3 Dimas’ Mother/Passenger/Lupe Marin/Socialite/Female Lover Mezzo Soprano S
#4 Schoolgirl/Revolutionary/Passenger/Wedding Guest/Mrs. Rockefeller/Natalia Trotsky Mezzo Soprano S
#5 Alejandro/Revolutionary/Communist/Socialite/Leon Trotsky Tenor S
#6 Cachucha Gang/Mourner/Revolutionary/Passenger/Wedding Guest/Communist/Mr. Ford Tenor S
#7 Cachucha Gang/Petate Vendor/Revolutionary/Passenger/Guillermo Kahlo/Communist/Mr. Rockefeller Baritone S
#8 Cachucha Gang/Revolutionary/Passenger/Wedding Guest/Communist/Socialite/Barker Baritone S
#9 Schoolgirl/Revolutionary/Passenger/Wedding Guest/Socialite/Calavera/Female Lover Treble S
#10 Schoolgirl/Revolutionary/Passenger/Wedding Guest/Socialite/Calavera Treble S
#11 Cachucha Gang/Revolutionary/Passenger/Wedding Guest/Calavera/Edward G. Robinson Treble / (Man singing in Falsetto) S
Chorus Notes:  

The Ensemble also sings the Chorus as part of their Supporting Role.