Schedule C

Gabriel's Daughter

Henry Mollicone
Original Language:
William Luce
Enter any
Opera in II Acts


Work commissioned by Central City Opera

Russelville, Kentucky; Leavenworth, Kansas; Denver & Central City, Colorado
Role Voice Part Classification
Clara Brown Mezzo-Soprano or Soprano L
Colonel John Chivington Tenor F
Barney Ford Baritone F
Governor John Evans Bass F
Colonel Wadsworth Bass F
Elisa Jane, Becky Johnson, Eliza Brooks Soprano F
Elisa Jane (alone) Soprano S
Elisa Jane and Becky Johnson Soprano S
Mrs. Jane Gordon Contralto S
Evaline Mezzo-Soprano or Contralto S
Lucinda Soprano S
Auctioneer/Tommy Tenor S
Auctioneer (alone) Tenor S
Tommy (alone) Tenor B
Becky Johnson (alone) Soprano B
Eliza Brooks (alone) Soprano B
Jennie Soprano B
Physician Bass B
Quilter I/ Wife I Soprano B
Quilter II/ Wife II Soprano B
Quilter III/ Wife III Mezzo-Soprano B
Miner I Tenor B

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'Gabriel's Daughter' (Henry Mollicone) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

Miner II Baritone B
Miner III Tenor B
Miner IV Bass B
Bidder I Tenor CB
Bidder II Tenor CB
Bidder III Bass CB
Bidder IV Speaking CB
Solo (Mayor of Central City) Baritone CB
Solo (Ulysses S. Grant) Bass CB
Solo Soprano CB
Solo Baritone CB
Solo Tenor CB
Solo - Man I Speaking CB
Solo - Man II Speaking CB
Solo - Man III Speaking CB
Solo Woman Speaking CB
Solo Mezzo-Soprano CB
Solo Bass CB
Drunken Miner Tenor CB
Old Prospector Baritone CB
Richard (Young Clara's Husband) Mute
Fur Trader John Smith Mute
Shady Lady I (Chastity) Mute
Shady Lady II (Cora) Mute
Chinese Man Mute
First Lady (Mrs. Grant) Mute
Pauline Ann (child) Speaking B
Eliza Jane (child) Speaking B
Minimum Chorus:  28
Divisi:  SATB