Schedule C

Ghosts of Versailles, The

John Corigliano
Original Language:
William M. Hoffman
Enter any
Opera in Two Acts


suggested by La mère coupable, a play by Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais


This classification is of the version originally composed for the Metropolitan Opera, as published by G. Schirmer, employing a large cast and orchestra.

the present, and the autumn of 1793
Role Voice Part Classification
Marie Antoinette Soprano L
Rosina Soprano L
Patrick Honoré Bégearss Tenor L
Beaumarchais Baritone L
Figaro Baritone L
Florestine Soprano F
Susanna Mezzo-Soprano F
Samira Mezzo-Soprano F
Count Almaviva Tenor F
Léon Tenor F
Marquis Tenor F
Louis XVI Bass F
Cherubino Mezzo-Soprano S
Woman in a Hat/Duchess Mezzo-Soprano S
Gossip #1 Soprano S
Gossip #2 Soprano S
Gossip #3 Mezzo-Soprano S
Ghost #1 Soprano S
Ghost #2 Mezzo-Soprano S
Ghost #3 Tenor S
Ghost #4 Bass S
Suleyman Pasha Bass S

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'Ghosts of Versailles, The' (John Corigliano) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

Wilhelm Spoken S
Woman Holding Infant Soprano B
Women Holding Babies Altos (2) B
Five Dancing Girls Sopranos (5) B
Six Revolutionary Women Sopranos (3), Mezzo-Sopranos (3) B
English Ambassador Baritone B
Four Jurors Baritones (2), Basses (2) B
Witness #1 Soprano CB
Witness #2 Alto CB
Witness #3 Alto CB
Witness #4 Tenor CB
Witness #5 Baritone CB
Aristocrat #1 Baritone CB
Aristocrat #2 Tenor CB
Man on Ladder in Window Tenor CB
Man with Lather on Face Tenor CB
Bishop Tenor CB
Young Man Baritone CB
Other Man in the Room Spoken CB
Page with Crotales Spoken CB
Three Muscovite Traders Basses (3) CB
Minimum Chorus:  32
Divisi:  SATB