Schedule C

Golden Ticket, The

Peter Ash
Original Language:
Donald Sturrock
Opera in Two Acts

Based on Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

20th Century
Charlie’s house and at the Chocolate Factory
Role Voice Part Classification
Charlie Bucket Boy treble L
Violet Beauregard Soprano L
Veruca Salt Mezzo-Soprano L
Mike Teavee Countertenor L
Grandpa Joe Tenor L
Willy Wonka Baritone L
Lord Salt Baritone F
Mrs. Gloop Soprano S
Grandma Georgina Soprano S
Candy Mallo Mezzo-Soprano S
Grandma Josephine Contralto S
Mrs. Teavee Contralto S
Augustus Gloop Tenor S
Mr. Know Baritone S
Mr. Beauregard Bass-Baritone S
Grandpa George Bass-Baritone S
Squirrelmistress Mezzo-Soprano B
Cameraman Tenor B
Factory Worker Soprano CB
Herpes Trout Treble CB
Mrs. Trout Mezzo-Soprano CB
An Oompa-Loompa Tenor CB
Classification if Roles are combined:
Willy Wonka and Mr. Know = L
Grandpa George and Mr. Beauregard = F
Grandma Georgina and Mrs. Gloop = F

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'Golden Ticket, The' (Peter Ash) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

Grandma Josephine and Mrs. Teavee = F
Candy Mallo and Squirrelmistress = S
Minimum Chorus:  32
Divisi:  SATB
Chorus Notes:  

+ Children’s Chorus