Schedule C

Grand Macabre, Le

György Ligeti
Original Language:
György Ligeti and Michael Meschke
Opera in II Acts

Based on the play by Michel De Ghelderode “La Balade du Grand Macabre” -classification is of the 1997 revised version

No particular time
The imaginary Principality of Breughelland
Role Voice Part Classification
Piet the Pot Tenor L
Nekrotzar Baritone L
Astradamors Bass L
Prince Go-Go Boy Soprano or Countertenor F
Mescalina Mezzo-Soprano F
The White Minister Tenor F
The Black Minister Baritone F
Chief of the Secret Police (Gepopo) Soprano S
Venus Soprano S
Amanda Soprano S
Amando Mezzo-Soprano S
Ruffiack Baritone B
Schobiack Baritone B
Schabernack Baritone B
2 Sopranos Soprano CB
2 Tenors Tenor CB
A note in the score states that the same soprano can perform both the Chief of Police and Venus. The combined classification would be Featured (F).
A note in the score suggests that the three Solo Bit (B) roles could come from the chorus. However, the roles remain Solo Bits (B) not Chorus Bits (CB).

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Minimum Chorus:  48
Divisi:  SATB