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Grapes of Wrath, The [revised version]

Ricky Ian Gordon
Original Language:
Michael Korie
Opera in Two Acts

Based on the novel by John Steinbeck. This classification is of the 2016 revised version.

1930’s Dust Bowl Era
Oklahoma; Southwestern America; California
Role Voice Part Classification
Ma Joad Mezzo Soprano L
Tom Joad Baritone L
Rosasharn Soprano F
Granma/Mae/Cropper Woman/Cabin Mistress/Solo (p. 404)* Mezzo Soprano F
Jim Casy Tenor F
Al Joad Tenor F
Granpa/Muley/Val/Endicott I/Inspector/Contractor/Peach Checker/Patrol Guard* Tenor F
Uncle John/Endicott IV* Baritone F
Connie Rivers/Trooper* Baritone F
Pa Joad/Endicott III* Baritone F
Cropper Husband/Washroom Guard/Vigilante George* Tenor S
Noah/Prison Guard* Baritone S
Pete Fowler/Traffic Cop/Ragged Man/Commissary Clerk/Vigilante Bill* Baritone S
Joe/Constable/Pump Guy 1/Trucker/Trucker Bill/Jim* Baritone S
Fred/Man in Suit/Pump Guy 2/Trucker Joe* Baritone S
Ruthie Joad Treble B
Winfield Joad Treble B
Boy in the Barn Treble B
Cropper Wife/Solo (p. 423)* Soprano B
Muley’s Wife/Solo (p. 253)* Mezzo Soprano B
Pump Guy 3/Senator/Jake* Tenor B
Hank/Lou/Deputy* Tenor B
* Each combined role is suggested in the score to be performed by the same artist.

'Grapes of Wrath, The [revised version]' (Ricky Ian Gordon) Schedule C Listing Continued on Next Page...

'Grapes of Wrath, The [revised version]' (Ricky Ian Gordon) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

Minimum Chorus:  32
Divisi:  SATB