Schedule C

Handmaid’s Tale, The

Poul Ruders
Original Language:
Paul Bentley (English)
Poul Ruders (Danish)
Opera in a Prologue and Two Acts

Based on the 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood

Republic of Gilead
Role Voice Part Classification
Aunt Lydia Soprano L
Offred Mezzo Soprano L
Serena Joy Contralto L
The Commander Bass L
Offred Double Mezzo Soprano F
Luke Tenor F
Ofglen Soprano S
Moira Soprano S
Janine – Ofwarren Soprano S
Offred’s Mother Mezzo Soprano S
Rita Contralto S
Nick Tenor S
Doctor Tenor S
New Ofglen Mezzo Soprano B
Handmaid Soprano CB
Warren’s Wife Mezzo Soprano CB
Echo Mezzo Soprano CB
Econowife Contralto CB
Widow Contralto CB
Handmaid A1 Contralto CB
Handmaid B1 Contralto CB
Moira’s Aunt Contralto CB
Commander X Tenor CB
Guard Bass CB
Eye Bass CB
Girl Spoken CB
Man Spoken CB
Guard Spoken CB
A recording of the “Voice from the TV,” available from the Publisher, is required for performance of this opera.
Minimum Chorus:  24
Divisi:  SATB