Schedule C

Harvey Milk

Stewart Wallace
Original Language:
Michael Korie
Opera in III Acts
20th Century
San Francisco, CA
Role Voice Part Classification
Harvey Milk Baritone L
Dan White/ Man in Trenchcoat/ Cop #1 Tenor L
Scott Smith/ Man at the Opera (Scott)/ Closet Lover/ Craig/ (in park – Scott) Tenor L
George Moscone/ Man at the Opera (Horst) / Married Man (in Park-Horst) Horst/ Teamster/ Concentration Camp Inmate (Horst) Bass L
Henry Wong/ Man at the Opera (Wong)/ Closet Lover Joe/ a Man (in concentration camp) Countertenor L
Messenger/ Man at the Opera (Mintz)/ Fat Man (in park – Mintz)/ Mintz/ Empress/ Another Man (in concentration camp)/ Drum Major Baritone L
Diane Feinstein/ Beard/ Hooker Soprano S
Mama Soprano or Mezzo-Soprano S
Anne Kronenberg/ Dyke Mezzo-Soprano S
Medora/ Young Girl (in concentration camp) Soprano S
Quentin Kopp/ Closet Lover Jack/ Arrival #3 - Stonewall Girl/ Mailman S
Young Harvey/ Arrival #6/ Handicapped Son (Young Boy) B
Carol Ruth Silver/ Arrival #1 B
Ella Hill Hutch (African-American)/ Old Lady #1 B
Robert Gonzales (Hispanic)/ Arrival #5 - Stonewall Girl B
Robert Pelosi/ Bald Man (in park)/ Arrival #4 – Stonewall Girl B
John Molinari/ Cop (not the same as Cop #1)/ Arrival #2 – Stonewall Girl/ Blue Collar Man B
Lee Dolson/ Cleveland/ Stonewall Girl B

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Gordon Lau (Asian) B
Minimum Chorus:  32
Divisi:  SATB
Chorus Notes:  

Includes all CB roles

The following roles are all chorus bit = CB: Man at the Opera #1 (Baldman), Man at the Opera #2 (Smoker), Woman (in concentration camp), Another Woman (in concentration camp), Politico (8) (#1 through #3), Veteran, S&M (s) (#1 through #4), Gay Doctor, Mother (of Handicapped Son), Old Lady #2, Lavender Menace (#1 through #5), Clones (#1 through #4).