Schedule C

Hercules vs Vampires

Patrick Morganelli
Original Language:
The sung lines are the film screenplay by Mario Bava, Sandro Continenza, Franco Prosperi, and Duccio Tessari
Opera to accompany a film

The music synchronizes with the 1961 film Hercules in the Haunted World, with the film projected above the singers who are behind the orchestra and below the screen.

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ancient world
Role Voice Part Classification
Please note below*
Medea Soprano
Dianara Soprano
Persephone Mezzo Soprano
Theseus Tenor
Hercules Baritone
Lycos Baritone
Procrustes Bass
* It is the intention of the composer that each singer may take on more than one role, and the assignment of roles may certainly differ from one production to the next. Therefore, only the main role for each singer is listed by voice part.
Small roles not included in the Cast List, above, in order of appearance are: A Henchman, Kyros, Hesperide, Zarathusa, Telemachus, Chained Woman, Peasant Man and Woman, City Man and Woman, God of Evil, Helena, and a Palace Attendant. Each singer also sings in Ensemble instead of there being a separate Chorus.
Further, it is possible to use more singers than the seven main roles listed above.
Companies should contact AGMA, with details of their casting intentions, to request a classification.
Minimum Chorus:  No chorus