Schedule C

King and I, The

Richard Rodgers
Original Language:
Oscar Hammerstein II
Enter any
Musical Play in Two Acts


based on the 1944 novel Anna and the King of Siam by Margaret Landon

Bangkok, Siam
Role Voice Part Classification
Anna Leonowens Soprano L
The King Baritone L
Tuptim Soprano F
Lady Thiang Mezzo-Soprano F
Prince Chulalongkorn Treble F
Louis Leonowens Treble F
Captain Orton Spoken S
The Kralahome Spoken S
Lun Tha Tenor S
Sir Edward Ramsay Spoken S
The Interpreter Spoken B
Phra Alack Spoken B
Princess Ying Yaowalak Spoken B
Girl #1 Mezzo-Soprano CB
Girl #2 Mezzo-Soprano CB
Girl #3 Soprano CB
A Princess Spoken CB
Small Prince Spoken CB
1st Princess Spoken CB
2nd Princess Spoken CB
Wife #1 Spoken CB
Wife #2 Spoken CB
A Wife Spoken CB
Screaming Wife Spoken CB

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Another Wife Spoken CB
Girls #1-5 Spoken CB
Minimum Chorus:  24
Divisi:  SATB