Schedule C


Engelbert Humperdinck
Original Language:
Ernst Rosmer (Else Bernstein-Porges’ pen name)
Opera in Three Acts
19th Century
A dark forest; the town of Hellabrunn
Role Voice Part Classification
Goose-Girl Soprano L
King’s Son Tenor L
Fiddler Baritone L
Witch Contralto F
Broom-maker Tenor F
Woodcutter Bass F
Stable Maid Contralto S
Innkeeper Bass S
Innkeeper’s Daughter Mezzo-Soprano S
Broom-maker’s Daughter Soprano B*
Child in Act Three Soprano B*
Tailor Tenor B
Councillor Baritone B
Two Gatekeepers Baritones CB pages 158-159
Young man Bass CB page 158
Two young men Tenors CB page 158
A man Baritone CB page 178
Another man Baritone CB page 178
Another man Tenor CB page 178
Four men 2 Baritones CB page 184
2 Basses CB page 184
Two altos 2 Altos CB page 185
Two basses 2 Basses CB page 185
A Woman Mezzo-Soprano CB page 209
pages are from the Max Brockhaus piano/vocal score, plate #576

'Königskinder' (Engelbert Humperdinck) Schedule C Listing Continued on Next Page...

'Königskinder' (Engelbert Humperdinck) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

* if the Broom-maker’s Daughter of Act Two is combined with the Child in Act Three, then the combined classification is Supporting
Minimum Chorus:  48
Divisi:  SATB
Chorus Notes:  

+ Children’s Chorus