Schedule C

Last Savage, The

Gian Carlo Menotti
Original Language:
Gian Carlo Menotti
French version by Jean-Pierre Marty
English version by George Mead
Comic Opera in Three Acts

The present day
India and Chicago
Role Voice Part Classification
Kitty Soprano L
Abdul Baritone L
Mr. Scattergood Bass-Baritone L
Maharajah of Rajaputana Bass L
Sardula Soprano F
Maharani of Rajaputana Contralto F
Kodanda Tenor F
Indian scientist Tenor B
Indian scientist Tenor B
American tailor Tenor B
American tailor Baritone B
English tailor Tenor B
Catholic priest Bass B
Protestant minister Baritone B
Rabbi Tenor B
Orthodox priest Tenor B
Philosopher Baritone B
Physician Baritone B
Painter Tenor B
Poet Tenor B
Composer Baritone B
Concert singer Soprano B
Scientist Tenor B
Business woman Soprano B

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Major Domo Mute
Society woman Mezzo-Soprano CB
Minimum Chorus:  32
Divisi:  SATB