Schedule C

Loss of Eden

Cary John Franklin
Original Language:
Michael Patrick Albano
Opera in II Acts

The opera consists of eleven scenes revolving around the Lindbergh’s and the Hauptmann’s

1909, 1928, 1929, Through Hauptmann's sentencing
Suggesting eight locales
Role Voice Part Classification
Anne Morrow Lindbergh Mezzo-Soprano L
Charles Lindbergh Baritone L
Anna Hauptmann Soprano F
Bruno Hauptmann Tenor F
Ensemble I - Elizabeth Morrow / Reporter Soprano 1 S
Ensemble II - Charleston Singer / Reporter Soprano 2 S
Ensemble III - Charleston Singer / Reporter Mezzo-Soprano 1 S
Ensemble IV - Charleston Singer / Reporter Mezzo-Soprano 2 S
Ensemble V - 1st Immigrant / Priest / Reporter Tenor 1 S
Ensemble VI - 3rd Immigrant / Reporter / Policeman Tenor 2 S
Ensemble VII - Customs Officer / Reporter Baritone S
Ensemble VIII - 2nd Immigrant / Minister / Reporter / Colonel Norman Schwarzkopf Bass-Baritone S
Charles Lindbergh, 10 years old Non-Singing Mute Bit
Mrs. Morrow, Anne's Mother Non-Singing Mute Bit
Edward Reilly, Defense Lawyer Non-Singing Mute Bit
Minimum Chorus:  No chorus